Fear conditioning:

Two operant Chambers: 32cm *26cm*21cm(W*L*H)

Control part:

16 Channel Control box


FreezeScan accepts video taken from any angle, in a confined chamber. It precisely detects the onset and completion of a freezing behavior of a rodent. It outputs as a sequential list, the occurrences of the freezing behaviors. Further statistics can be analyzed from this output data.  

FreezeScan not only detects freezing behavior accurately, but also provides a measurement of the animal’s instantaneous activity level during the experiment, in both quantitative and graphical form, making it possible to recognize startle response.

  • Support Random Interval Stimuli
  • Analyzes 640×480 at 30 frames per sec
  • Detects animals in low contrast also!
  • Works with rodents of all colors/sizes
  • Integrates with 3rd party devices/bio‐signals
  • Records video into storage during analysis


  • Contextual fear conditioning
  • Cued fear conditioning
  • Trace Fear conditioning
  • Delay fear conditioning
  • Fear Extinction