Dr. Wei Zhang’s group and Dr. Bailong Xiao’s group published two cover articles in Cell Reports on Feb.5, 2019


On February 5, 2019, two cover articles, "Piezo-like gene regulates locomotion in Drosophila larvae" and "Mechanically activated Piezo channels mediate touch and suppress acute mechanical pain response in mice" were published simultaneously by Dr. Zhang Wei, PI at Tsinghua University School of Life , IDG/McGovern Institute For Brain Research, and Xiao Bailong, PI at Tsinghua University SciencesSchool of Pharmaceutical Sciences and IDG/McGovern Institute  For Brain Research.

"Cell Reports" cover picture: Paper-cut style with Chinese characteristics shows "stilt walking", implying that ontological feeling plays an important role in regulating body and movement balance, but also shows the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year. The cover image is designed by Dr. Wei Zhang and Dr. Yefei Li .