2019 Neurology and Cognitive Science Summer Training Course Admissions Guide


Tsinghua-IDG/McGovern Brain Science Research Institute

Peking University-IDG/McGovern Institute of Brain Science

Life Science Joint Center


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We provide an academic exchange platform for neuroscience and cognitive science.

You learn and communicate face to face with outstanding scholars.

You talked with "the best of you in the future"

Your beautiful meeting with "Tsinghua" and "Peking University"

You can better understand us.

Can know "you" from all over the country

Can recognize different "self"


Undergraduate students from all disciplines such as biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, medicine, electronic information and engineering, who are interested in joining the frontiers of neuroscience and cognitive science, are welcome to register.



Dr. Yi Zhong, Dr. Bailong Xiao, Dr.Yichang Jia, Dr. Wei Zhang, Dr. Yi Zhang, Dr.Xiaolong Li


July 7-14 (Reporting on the 7th, leaving the school on the 14th)


Tsinghua University

Summer Internship:

During the summer class, 20 outstanding students (10 from Tsinghua University and Peking University) will be selected for one month after the training class (July 14-August 13).


This training does not charge students any training fees, help arrange accommodation and reimbursement of one-way ordinary train hard seat ticket fees (requires a ticket; if you choose to take other transportation, the fee is reimbursed according to the standard standard of ordinary trains).

In universities across the country, there is a strong interest in neuroscience and cognitive science. Undergraduate students who are interested in research in related fields can apply (four-year courses need to complete the first-year or second-year courses of the university, and five-year system needs to complete the first-grade or second-grade Grade or third grade).

We will choose the best according to the student background and registration!


1. Registration (online and paper material delivery):

1) Online registration:

Please log in to (alternate URL:, register and log in and fill in the registration form;

When filling out the registration form, please pay attention to fill in your usual email address and check it frequently. The admission and follow-up notifications are sent by email (reminder: don't use gmail email).

2) Paper material delivery:

a) Registration form (printed after filling in online);

b) Personal self-report (click on the attachment);

c) Two expert recommendation letters.

Please print the registration form, personal self-report (print or handwritten) and two expert recommendation letters (filled in by the experts, signed and sealed in the envelope, no fixed requirements in the format). Send paper materials to the appropriate address. To ensure smooth delivery, please send it in EMS format. Do not use regular mail, registration, parcel or other express delivery.

Neurology and Cognitive Science Summer School Mailing Address: Room D202, Zhengyuyu Medical Building, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Cheng (received), 100084; Tel: 010-62772271.

2. Application deadline: June 10 (date of arrival)

support hotline:

010-62772271 (Cheng Cheng)



For enrollment and related information, please visit http://www.cls.edu.cn/ and http://mcgovern.med.tsinghua.edu.cn for enquiries.

*Remarks: This event is a summer training, non-enrollment summer camp. The Tsinghua-Peking Life Joint Center will also hold the Summer School of Structural Biology, Chemical Biology, and Medicinal Chemistry on July 14-20, 2019.

 For details and registration, please click:http://www.cls.edu.cn/Academicactivities/notices/index4530.shtml