Basal forebrain control of sleep wake cycle: from neural circuits to sleep homeostasis



Time:     15:00-16:30 on Tue., Sept. 22, 2020

Host:      Dr.Wei Guo

Speaker: Min Xu(徐敏)

Topic:     Basal forebrain control of sleep wake cycle: from neural circuits to sleep homeostasis


The mammalian basal forebrain ( has long been thought to play critical roles in controlling sleep and wakefulness, but the underlying neural mechanisms remain poorly understood We systematically investigated the neural mechanisms of the BF in controlling the sleep wake cycle We examined the BF circuits by recording and optogenetically perturbing the activity of four genetically defined cell types across sleep wake cycles and comprehensively mapping their local and long range synaptic connections using optogenetic assisted electrophysiology or virus mediated circuit tracing We also examined how BF neural activity controls sleep homeostasis Using a novel adenosine sensor, we found a neuronal type specific control of fast adenosine dynamics during the sleep wake cycle, and uncovered a critical role of the BF glutamatergic neurons in controlling adenosine dynamics and sleep homeostasis, offering new insights into the mechanisms by which neural activity during wakefulness contributes to the increase of sleep pressure. Together, our work reveals the BF neural mechanisms for controlling the sleep wake cycles.



徐敏研究员主要以小鼠为模型研究睡眠-觉醒调控的神经机理以及睡眠行为的生理功能,在国际高水平杂志上发表了一系列相关论文,其中以第一作者或共同第一作者发表Neuron2018)、Nature Neuroscience20152016)、eLife2016)、PNAS2014)等;以参与作者发表 Cell2018)、Nature2015)、Science2014)、Nature Neuroscience2013)等;徐敏研究员实验室有关神经活动调控睡眠稳态机制的最新工作于20209月在Science杂志发表(通讯作者)

徐敏研究员的工作揭示了基底前脑和下丘脑多个核团调控睡眠-觉醒的神经环路机制,其中有关基底前脑的一系列工作(Nature Neuroscience 2015, elife 2016, Science 2020)系统的揭示了该脑区控制睡眠-觉醒的神经机制。

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