Holistic bursting cells: a novel functional class of cortical neurons


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Time: 14:00-15:30 on Tue., Dec. 15, 2020

Venue: E109, Biomedicine Hall

Host: Dr. Lingjie Kong


Learning can change neuronal activities in neocortex. However, the logic of how activities of individual neurons are transformed by learning and their roles in cortical processing of the learned stimuli remain unclear. By combining two-photon population Ca2+ imaging and single-cell loose-patch recordings in behaving mice, we found that learning transformed the sound-evoked response from a singlet firing mode to a high-rate bursting mode in a very sparse set of layer 2/3 neurons in primary auditory cortex. In mice trained with complex chords, we discovered cells with a ‘holistic bursting’ (HB) mode, exhibiting bursting responses specifically to a chord but not to any constituent tone. Strikingly, the inclusion of sparse HB cells, but not large numbers of nonbursting cells, was required by a neuronal population to achieve 100% accuracy in single-trial complex sound discrimination. Together, we find learning-transformed HB cells and their pivotal role in performing a cognitively meaningful information processing logic.

人物简介:研究成果在NatureScienceNature NeuroscienceNeuronPNAS等杂志发表论文60余篇,单篇最高引用超过400次,总引用率超过2600次,H因子23。主要从事大脑皮层信息处理机制研究,在神经元树突整合(发现神经元多元信息传入模式)、信息记忆(发现空间记忆特异神经环路和皮层HB细胞)、运动输出(发现皮层排尿神经元)以及先进光学成像技术(建立高速双光子成像LOTOS技术和多脑区双光子成像技术)等方面取得重要成果。上述工作,为理解信息处理的皮层机制提供了重要思路,为类脑智能和神经疾病相关研究提供了理论基础。