RNA and Neuroscience



Symposium title: RNA and Neuroscience, 2015, Beijing.
Location: Tsinghua 323 room
Sponsored by: FiBS and IDT/McGovern at Tsinghua
Date: April 20th, Monday.

The complexity of our human brain makes it the most complex organ to study and understand, in terms of its anatomic structure, functional circuit, and molecular diversity.  Recently, emerging evidence indicates that RNA species, RNA modifications, and RNA regulations are most abundant in mammal brain, underscoring RNA diversity partially contributes to the brain complexity.  Not surprising, RNA processing has been involved into many neuronal functions, including neuron differentiation, brain development, and learning and memory.  In addition, the minor errors underlying RNA metabolism and regulation are deleterious to human health, especially leading to brain diseases.  This symposium aims to strengthen the collaboration between the two cutting edge fields, RNA and neuroscience, and to stimulate brilliant ideas from the angle of RNA to better understand our brain and prevent brain diseases.


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