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2013-The Opening Ceremony of the IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Tsinghua University

The opening ceremony of IDG-McGovern Institute of Brain Research at Tsinghua was started on November 24, 2013 inside the Zheng Yutong Medical Science Building of Tsinghua. This great event was attended by Patrick McGovern, Founder and Chairman of the International Data Group (IDG) , Lore Harp McGovern, Founder of McGovern Institute, Robert Desimone, the director of McGovern Institute of MIT, Mr. Hugo Shong, Founding General Partner of IDG Capital Partners, Dr. Qikun Xue, Vice President of Tsinghua. Before the event, President Jining Chen met with the McGoverns. Looking back on the cooperations and communications between Tsinghua and IDG, both sides expressed high expectations on the development of neuroscience in Tsinghua.

During the opening ceremony, Professors Yi Zhong, Yi Rao and Wu Li, the three directors from the three McGovern Institute each in Tsinghua University, Peking University and Beijing Normal University, delivered their opening speech, hoping the three institutes would cooperate closely in the future to promote new development of neuroscience in China.

At the end of the ceremony, a Q&A followed. Both Mr. McGovern and Mrs. McGovern stated that they are willing to do whatever they could to support human brain researches, hence improving people’s healthcare recognition and harmonious communication. Meanwhile, Professor Robert Desimone noted that he would like to provide aid for the talents growth of neuroscience in China on the platform of IDG/McGovern Institutes.

The ceremony was hosted by Profesor Bai Lu, the Vice Dean of School of Medicine and also a famous neuroscientist. Professor Yigong Shi, the Senior Vice Dean of School of Medicine was also present.

The IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Tsinghua will concentrate on brain research and related neural diseases and try to apply the most advanced technologies to this field. As inspired by interdisciplinary studies, the institute will combine  

talents and resources from School of Medicine, School of Life Science, Department of Computer Science, Department of Nano Technology and conduct exploration into human brain.

Since 2006, Tsinghua and the McGoverns began to promote building the MIT McGovern Institute for brain research. So far as many as 20 scientists from School of Medicine, School of Life Science, who enjoys international reputation have gathered here. They have achieved impressive results in research in the molecular mechanism of memory, discoveries of anti-aging drugs and brain-computer interface technology etc.  Taking this as the basis, the IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Tsinghua will initiate recruitment around the globe and start to build a scientific research platform more in line with the international standards.