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Symposium: Learning Memory—From Brain to Computer

Learning Memory Mechanism Modeling by Information Science

1)      Dr. Changshui Zhang, Tsinghua University

2)      Dr. Xiaolin Hu, Tsinghua University


Display and Process of Biological Brain in Time and Spatial Domain

3)      Dr. Dajun Xing, Beijing Normal University

4)      Dr. Huan Luo, Peking University

5)      Dr. Bo Hong, Tsinghua University

6)      Dr. Yanchao Bi, Beijing Normal University

7)      Dr. Fang Fang, Peking University


Basic Process and Assumption in Biological Brain Learning Memory System

8)      Dr. Zengcai Guo, Tsinghua University

9)      Dr. Jisong Guan, Tsinghua University

10)  Dr. Yi Zhong, Tsinghua University


Dynamic Learning Network of Biological Brain

1)      Dr. Minmin Luo, Tsinghua University

2)      Dr. Li Liu, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

3)      Dr. Si Wu, Beijing Normal University

4)      Dr. Kexin Yuan, Tsinghua University


Characters of Learning Units in Biological Brain (synaptic mechanism and molecular biology fundamentals)

5)      Dr. Jun Yao, Tsinghua University

6)      Dr. Jianyuan Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences

7)      Dr. Yichang Jia, Tsinghua University

8)      Dr. Bailong Xiao, Tsinghua University

9)      Dr. Xin Liang, Tsinghua University